Tomorrowland 2013 tickets?

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Submitted by Jamie westmoreland on 2013, April 21 - 11:09pm

Hi there, have I missed the resale of the tomorrowland tickets this month?? I'm looking to get hold of 4 full madness and comfort passes if possible? I've been looking on ebay but people have told me the tickets can only be used by the name on the ticket??

2013, April 22 - 1:09pm

Hello Jamie

The festival will be operating their own resale exchange desk from the beginning of May so we would advise waiting till then, as the tickets are reportedly being sold at face value as opposed to the prices you see on eBay.

We have been told that tickets can only be used by the original purchaser, however some fans on this site state that if the "festival bracelet" has not yet been activated online, you can change the name when you do so, we can't confirm this though so to be on the safe side, wait till May and be sure to follow the festival on Facebook

Hope that helps :-)

Team Wikifestivals