Tomorrowland 2013 Prices

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Submitted by TankGirlTotoro on 2012, September 13 - 5:11pm


I know Tomorrowland 2013 ticket prices have not been released yet but how much would you recommend I should put aside for tickets?

I'm looking to camp there and fly over, I'm not too fussed about VIP camping, just the bog standard basics really :-)

2013, September 13 - 12:02am

hi, i would like to know how much would it cost to get a normal ticket, for the 3 days, with normal campism. nothing extra, only campism and the 3 days. Thank you. João Moreira.

2013, October 9 - 5:34pm

Hy...I know that Tomorrowland 2013 is over and i would like to know how much would cost ticket for Tomorrowland 2014....And i am from Croatia

2013, November 18 - 7:57am

I only want to know the price of the tickets for tommorowland it should not include flight expense.

2013, November 18 - 6:00pm

what are the changes of getting ticket if i want to plan it for 2014 from Delhi India to tomorrowland.?

please let me know..if anyone else is looking forward to this event from Delhi.. can contact me on 7503076761

2013, November 20 - 1:45pm

Tickets for the 3 day full madness pass, which include entrance for all days of the festival, should be approximately €200, tickets for camping are another €50. Global Journey Tickets will be subject to the prices that airlines will charge for that route, so it is impossible to say in advance.

2014, January 15 - 1:14am

Hi, am confused as to were I should try and buy the tickets from. There's the official website, festticket etc... I mean it seems pointless trying to buy them from a place that has less tickets for sale to begin with. Also, if i get through, do I have to pay the whole sum at once, meaning if I buy 4 tickets, can't i split up the sum. Cause none of my cards would have a limit that high. Thanks!!