Tomorrowland 2013 Prices

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Submitted by TankGirlTotoro on 2012, September 13 - 5:11pm


I know Tomorrowland 2013 ticket prices have not been released yet but how much would you recommend I should put aside for tickets?

I'm looking to camp there and fly over, I'm not too fussed about VIP camping, just the bog standard basics really :-)

2012, October 15 - 9:10am

hi i'm from INDONESIA, but i wondering if i'll go to tomorrowland fest via paris or amsterdam which one easiest way go to fest? and there's any package for flight + camping? thanks

2012, October 15 - 2:40pm

Hello YanuarAge

There are package deals available from the official website, which include return flights and a form of accommodation be it at Dreamville (the onsite camping) or in a local hotel.

The package deals were available from the following cities in 2012: Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York (!) and Barcelona.

So you would need to pay for your flight from Indonesia to any of those destinations seperatley, is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 15 - 8:26pm

hey im looking to go to tomorrowland 2013 there wil be four of us wanting to go so i want to know how much will be for flights camping full madness ticket for all four. and any other details thanks

2012, October 16 - 4:33pm

Hello ryan singh

If you look in the "Tickets" section of the Tomorrowland wiki you can find the 2012 prices to give you a rough idea, as we are yet to have access to 2013 details...yet :-)

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 17 - 4:52pm

Hello, I'm looking to go to 2013 Tomorrowland from the US. How much will I need to spend and do you know if buying the "Travel Package" off the Tomorrowland website will include everything I need? Thank you

2012, October 18 - 2:43am

Hello, a group of us our looking to head out to tomorrowland 2013 from the US. Good thing is we live about 45 minutes from NYC so commuting to the airport as opposed to having to fly across country to get to NYC is definitely a plus, that being said were not exactly avid campers and dont own any equipment either, factoring in the fact that we don't have to spend any money to get to NYC and also the fact that were going to want the VIP camping package what would be a safe number to put aside monetarily for the trip.

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2012, October 18 - 9:14am


There are 11 of us who are wanting to go to Tomorrowland next year. I am looking for a package that will include flights, transfers, tickets and accommodation (hotel/camping) VIP camping. Are there any companies in South Africa that offer packages for Tomorrowland.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks:)

2012, October 18 - 11:24am

Hello DTK

Thanks for getting in touch, please bear in mind that while we wait for 2013 details, we can only advise using our knowledge from 2012.

In 2012 most of the package flights flew from selected European cities (with the exception of USA) so if you wanted to get a package deal, you would need to pay separately for a connecting flight to one of the destinations.

Just to give you an idea, in 2012 flight packages where as follows:

PACKAGES - all include return flights from Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York (!) and Barcelona.

All include a form of accommodation be it standard Dreamville, VIP Dreamville or a Hotel stay.

You would be looking to spend between €590 - €640 for a Dreamville or Dreamville VIP stay (€1200 - €1260 from New York)

Whereas packages that involve a stay at a 3* or a 4* hotel would cost between €740 - €790 (€1340 - €1400 from New York)

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 18 - 11:29am

Hello Chrisotav

Please bare in mind that while we wait for 2013 details, the advice that we are giving you know is based on the 2012 information.

With the flight packages avaiable, last year you were able to select a package which included the admission tickets, transfers from the airport and standard or VIP camping, or the selection of a close hotel stay.

If we remember correctly VIP camping included pre-pitched tents with mattresses.

Money wise, a package deal from New York cost around €1340 - €1400, plus in terms of food, alcohol and anything else you want to do at the festival, maybe save around €200-€300.

Not sure how much that is in dollars, but yeah. put aside the equivalent of €1540-€1700 for the whole trip :-)

Is there anything else we can advice?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 18 - 3:09pm

Afternoon :) Me and a group of friends are determined to go (2013) how much in £ do you think the tickets will cost? we would be wanted the travel package and a pitch in dreamville.

Tah XD

2012, October 18 - 4:19pm


We can't say as off yet as we don't have any 2013 information yet. however a flight package with camping from London or Manchesterh was around the €590/£480

Please bare in mind the festival does not offer group tickets

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 19 - 5:40pm


I am just wondering how much would it be for 3 people but in British pounds including flights and camping ?


2012, October 22 - 5:17am

Hi, I was able to catch pricing for 2012 before the website removed it. I did notice the travel packages that included festival pass, camping pass and airfare. When buying tickets, if you chose to buy the travel package would you automatically be buying everything in one shot? Or would you still be required to go to dreamville website and try buying camping pass? What Im wondering is if you have a better chance at getting all necessary tickets if you buy it in the travel package form

Also, with dreamville 2012 I noticed that for some of the tent options it said "For 2 people" so if you were 3 would you be paying the cost of 4 people? Such as the tomorrowland tents, youd have to pay for 2? Thanks!

2012, October 22 - 10:32am

Hello Darujo

We can't answer the ticket question I'm afraid and we apologise for that, however in regards to the pre-pitched tent options, it would be in your best financial interest to in a group of 4 as opposed to 3, or you would have to split the cost three-way.

Is there anything else we can advise you on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 22 - 2:20pm

Hello, i would like to know +- how much it would be to travel from South Africa? Do you have travel packages for us? Obviously you cant give me ticket prices and all that yet, but can i get an estimate of what a travel package (camping, festival and air fare) is?

Thank you so much

2012, October 22 - 7:00pm

Hello. I'm looking for buying tickets in 2013 for Tomorrowland. I know tickets aren't on sale yet, but if it's the same as last year and I get a package (return flights/transfers, camping, ticket- correct?)- how much would that package cost from Manchester, UK? (going by last year/roughly). Thanks in advance!

Edit: I saw your reply to Quaige stating "a flight package with camping from London or Manchester was around the €590/£480" - does this mean €590/£480 just for flight and camping that I would buy from tomorrowlands website? Then I would have to buy the ticket seperately? (roughly €175) from the Tomorrowland website. So in total it would be around €800 + €200 spending money? :)

2012, October 23 - 11:24am

Hello Xesa

If you purchase the package directly from the official Tomorrowland website then the pass is included, re 2013 packages the website states:

For next edition we will again offer Official Tomorrowland Travel Packages. . “Travel package” Including = Transport (Flight - Eurostar), Accommodation (Hotel or DreamVille), Transfer & Tomorrowland Pass. Further info concerning these packages, as well as the different cities of departure will follow. We advise you NOT to book any hotels, before you have bought your Tomorrowland ticket. As we cannot guarantee a festival ticket to everybody who wants one or who has arranged his travel already.

So if we were in your position, we would personally save around £800 - £900 just incase :-)

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 23 - 5:39pm

Hello there, I am planning to go from Miami FL (United States). Probably I will stop in France and then head out to Belgium. I am planning to take a train to Belgium. Can any one help with the accommodation? Do I rent in a hotel/hostel around the area to leave my luggage and then camp in dreamville? I am not planing in taking any camping gear, how do I rent a Relax Room? If anyone from the US reads this and want to tag along please let me know. I look forward to hear from you guys thanks!

2012, October 24 - 2:55pm

Hello erikp83,


Don't forget to consider the travel package, last year there were packages from the US that included the flight, ticket and hotel accommodation. Might be worth waiting to hear if they offer the same again this year


For trains from France to Belgium you could always check out

Hotel wise we noticed you are looking to stay at Hotels in the Antwerp area: recommended ones inlcude Sir Plantin Hotel, Ibis Antwepen Centrum and Hotel Van Reeths.

It would be worth contacting whatever hotel you stay at to ask what public transport you can get to the festival from there.

In terms of finding friends to attend, around the time tickets go on sale is always a good time to start a forum thread on here asking for that.

Is there anything else we can advice on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, November 29 - 12:49pm

hey erik im from Puerto Rico and im planning to go to tomrrowland if u still looking for grp count me in.....not cool to travel alone let me know if ur group is together. Si hay latinos que estan interesados en ir dejeme saber incluirlos en el grupo.

2012, November 30 - 11:43am

Hello firecore,

We have moved your conversation here to the "Festival Meetup" section of the site in hope that fellow Tomorrowlanders in your area will get back to you :-)

Good luck :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 24 - 6:13pm

Thanks! :)

2012, October 24 - 7:06pm

Hello! First off thanks for answering all of our questions!!! I am organizing anyone who wants to travel from Ontario- Canada to Tomorrowland 2013, so if you want to be added to the Facebook group mssg me here and I will add you!

I have one major question! I have looked into different options for flights, but I was wondering if you knew the best way to travel to belgium and what airport we need to land at!? OR if we need to transfer from anywhere in belgium to get to the actual tomorrowland property?

Thanks so much!


2012, October 25 - 10:34am

Hello HanitaBonita

No worries at all :-) We try our best to advice with the limited information we have, as we sure all our readers are, we are looking forward to hearing 2013 details!

The two closest airports in Belgium you need is Brussels (BRU) or Brussels South Charleroi (CRL), from either of those airports your would need to get a train to Boom (if arriving on Friday) or Mechelen (if arriving Saturday or Sunday)

For train info visit

If arriving at Boom, a free shuttle service will take you to the site, If arriving at Mechelen, you need to take Bus 500 from the rail station.

Please bare in mind this is from the 2012 info we have, but we reckon it's still pretty spot on :-)

Is there anything else we can advise on?


2012, October 25 - 6:10pm

Thank so much! This was very helpful! I will for sure ask you more questions if anything comes up! Thanks again!

2012, October 25 - 8:52pm

what is the age limit. and are the and packages with flights from ireland

2012, October 26 - 3:59pm

Hello jordank937,

You have to be 18 on the year of attending and in 2012 there were no packages from Ireland, so it may be a case of you paying for a connecting flight to London or Manchester separately as those where your closest choices. But we shall see what they say when they release 2013 information.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 25 - 11:02pm

Hello, I'm requiering the next information :), I am from Mexico so...
1) Do you think there will be a Traveling Package from Mexico?
2) Am I able to bring my own Alcohol Bottles? If so, I could pass them? or I buy them inside?
3) How much the whole trip would cost, FULL WEEKEND, DREAMVILLE PASS (I think that have the full package) OR Traveling Package (flight of go, and comeback) within' Alcohol Bottles, Food, Drink (water, etc) VIP camping, lockers, and transfers, would you get me an aproximation in euros of how much this would be? :)
Thank You! :D

2012, October 26 - 11:19pm

Is there a company that offer insurance on tomorrowland tickets? I'm from the United States of America and if by chance I buy the tickets, I at least want the security that if something happens I won't be in a complete financial hole of losing money. Any ideas or suggestions would be awesome. :-)

2012, October 29 - 1:06pm

Hello BabyBoi2008

We can't answer that just yet, but while we wait for the 2013 information, may we ask are you hoping to use a debit care or credit card to pay for this? Some credit care companies offer event insurance for their customers, some but not all so it may be worth contacting your bank and asking them.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 27 - 11:11am

hi all ... i need help . how much money I must keep for ticket ... im from croatia, and What is the procedure purchase tickets through the official site ??? thx to all.

2012, October 29 - 1:11pm

Hello Ivancroatia

You have two choices

1) Book tickets and camping, then flight seperatly, Airlines that fly from Croatia to Belgium include Croatia Airlines and Jetairfly 2) Get a connecting flight to whichever city closest to you that the Tomorrowland Package flies from, which in 2012 were Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York (!) and Barcelona.

Which option do you reckon you would take then we could advise on budget?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 27 - 2:07pm

Hi I am new to this. i really want to know a estimate price including all the package going to Tomorrow land. I am currently in Taiwan. I want to start save and see if i to have a great experience. Please let me know. thnks

2012, October 29 - 1:13pm

Hello Jhunier87

Before we give you a full answer, based on the 2012 information, which of the following cities is easiest for you to get to cheaply? Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York (!) and Barcelona.

Team Wikifestivals

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2012, October 28 - 7:41pm

I want to be in TOMORROWLAND next year(2013).I am thinking of taking the "TRAVEL PACKAGE" ticket.I want to know how match will it cost and if i can pay you with paypal card.GREECE

2012, October 29 - 1:16pm

Hello Jim,

We don't sell packages ourselves we just advise :-)

Travel packages fly from the following cities:Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York (!) and Barcelona.

You will need to get a connecting flight to whichever one of those you like, and then pay approx €590-€640 for the package (based on 2012 prices)

is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 29 - 12:36pm

Looking to come over from Ireland but not sure how the tickets, camping or flights work? Does your ticket include camping? How much would we be looking to save up?


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2012, October 29 - 9:00pm

Thanks for the informations!Can i buy tickets from "TOMORROWLAND" website with paypal card?And if not with which one card?I entered the "TOMORROWLAND" website and i want to ask one more thing.I want to stay at the dreamville camping.The travel package includes a 3days or a 5days stay at dreamville?And what is going on with the price you told me before 590€-640€ if i want an "easy tent pass" for 3days stay and 5days stay seperatly.THANKS!!!

2012, October 30 - 4:08am

what way do they check the id (is it at the gate on the way in to tomorrowland or at the ticket supplier ?

2012, November 1 - 11:11am

Hello Jordank937

Following a bit of research it would seem as the years have gone on, they have become stricter on age restrictions.

As each ticket has a barcode, all have to be scanned on entry and you have to show ID to prove the ticket belongs to you, plus they are known to check in site as well if they think you look young.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, November 1 - 8:52am

hi, m from india,is there a travel package for tommorowland from india,if yes then what is the cost?

2012, November 1 - 11:41am

Hello sky kandelwal

In 2012 there were not any packages from India, packages were only available from Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York and Barcelona.

If this is the case in 2013, we would recommend paying separately for a connecting flight to one of those cities and taking advantage of the package from there OR purchasing an entrance ticket and camping ticket from the official site, then sorting out your travel independently.

We are still waiting on 2013 ticket information so this is the best we can advise for the time being.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, November 1 - 3:36pm

hey i know the prices for 2013 arent out yet, but im just wondering approx how much tickets, camping and flights from Perth, Australia will cost? - thanks! :)

2012, November 1 - 6:05pm

Hello Matteh95

In 2012 there were no package flights from Australia so we can't advice on flight, but ticket prices can be found here

If needs be you could always buy a package deal from one of those closest cities and then get your connecting flight there separately.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, November 8 - 2:51pm

Hi would you be able to link some places near where Tomorrowland is being held so i can contact them about packages? and also, which airport is closer to Tomorrowland, Brussels or Antwerp?

2012, November 13 - 9:27pm

Hello Matteh95

1) Brussells is the commercial choice but in terms of distance Antwerp is actually closer, so if you can manage to get a flight there it would be easier. 2) When you say places near Tomorrowland do you mean hotels?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, November 16 - 4:21pm

for number 2, i was talking about places near antwerp that can organise packages for the concert...e.g. flights and concert tickets

2012, November 19 - 12:25pm

Hello again Matteh95,

Tomorrowland selects the local hotels that it would like to work with, if you are looking for information on packages that include flights, you can find out more information here:

Anything else we can help with?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, November 2 - 8:19pm

Hi, looking to make my first trip to Tomorrowland from NYC in the US. What prices do the packages go for from NYC? What all does it include? How much extra should I set aside for festival costs?


2012, November 5 - 12:10pm

Hello ZooAnimal24,

In 2012, package deals included return flights, transfers from the airport as well as your festival pass and choice of accommodation.

From NYC, tickets in 2012 cost €1200 - €1260 for a camping of VIP camping package, and €1340 - €1400 for a hotel stay package.

For more information be sure to check out our Tomorrowland wiki

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals