Tomorrowland 2013 package

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Submitted by Riddhi on 2012, December 19 - 11:38am

Hey! I just wanted to know if you guys had any special packages for anyone from India? Also since the chances are so slim for getting tickets to tomorrowland, could u please tell me how many days before will you announce the sale dates for the tickets! Thanks , really looking forward to your reply

Cheers, Riddhi

2012, December 19 - 12:43pm

Hello Riddhi

We don't do any special packages no and according to what we have been told by the organisers of the festival, a sale date will be released in the first quarter of 2013.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals.

2012, December 20 - 10:26am

Hey< i will be flying with couple of friends from dubai... glad too see some enthusiast indians for this crazy fest

2012, December 20 - 10:49am

well i just hope i get some tickets!

2013, January 2 - 8:14am

Dear Wikifestival Team,

On the day of purchase of tickets for TL ' 13, can i purchase more than 1 ticket ? or is it ! ticket per person? Thanks for your help!

Regards, Aditya India

2013, January 2 - 8:14am

Dear Wikifestival Team,

On the day of purchase of tickets for TL ' 13, can i purchase more than 1 ticket ? or is it ! ticket per person? Thanks for your help!

Regards, Aditya India

2013, January 3 - 8:48am

Last year it was 4 per person Aditya

2013, January 3 - 10:33am

Thanx Riddhi! Its literally going to be like lottery this year, lol.

2013, January 3 - 12:49pm

Riddhi is correct sorry for the last response, Christmas break and all, is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 4 - 10:08am

Riddhi hi! Where you planning to stay for TL, any suggestions? PLanning a eurotrip or just TL? Cheers!

2012, December 20 - 11:05am

i heard it took 15 minslast time for the tickets to get over... i have registered myself on some websites which do trade in tickets... they send notifications when the tickets are out

2012, December 20 - 11:55am

i think it was under an any case...the hype has increased three folds this year! its gonna be more like lottery than being able to buy them! All the best...Wikifestivals will announce it too...m only dependent on their word...will go and buy it the moment they say for sale!!!

2012, December 20 - 12:40pm

Oh we promise the INSTANT we hear anything we will let our fans know :-)

2013, January 1 - 7:24am

Hi I will be flying from Australia just wondering how much u think the trip and price of entry and camping would be all up for me and my boyfriend ?

2013, January 3 - 12:51pm

Hello Bmyatt2

We are still awaiting 2013 prices and details, but for some 2012 information and some further food for though please check out the Tomorrowland wiki:

Skyscanner is a great website for booking flights, and some say it is cheaper if you arrive a few days earlier as opposed to the day before it starts.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 4 - 10:19am

Dreamville - tents (if i get the tickets) - probably check brussels out , take the eurolines head to Amsterdam for 2- 3 days! Im not sure...i ve been to brussels and Amsterdam ...but my friends wanted to go...i wanna check other countries out- Germany, France on my list

2013, January 4 - 10:50am

I am deciding too atm. mostly spain, prague, france. I was thinking about staying in a near by hotel during TL. Youtube videos of dreamville didn't convince me much. After TL we will be heading to Amstedam for sure, been there before but still. Anyways, you on fb or something? Cheers!

2013, January 5 - 10:16am

Hi guys,

I am also planning for TL 13... It would be great if i'm able to cover Germany, France & Amsterdam.. If there's a euro trip plan i am up for it... :)

2013, January 10 - 7:01am


TL 2012 Allowed only 4 Tickets Purchase at 1 Time. Thought Local Tour Operators In India do sell Packages for Approx. 80000Inr You'll can Google it. I've been in touch with a Few already since I am much convinced of not being that lucky to win the Lottery :P

So Yeah this seems the only option even though I am going to Try Purchasing Some Tickets Online #ROFL

Anyways guys keep in touch and if someone does hit a Jackpot Do Share the Joy with US

mail to: darshilj @

Warm Regards, Darshil Jhaveri

2013, January 10 - 7:16am

hey, I did some research on the travel agencies offering packages for TL. Let me guess Goldleaf? Their packages are not out yet. If you know any other ones, do share.

mail: [email protected]



2013, January 10 - 4:00pm

Hi guys,

I heard a rumor that last year tickets sold out in about 15minutes. Does anyone know if that's true and also if packages are expected to be sold out in the same fashion ?? I'm really worried about missing this opportunity since I've been saving, planning, and dreaming about this event since last August. I have all the money I plan to spend but now I find myself checking wiki festivals and the TL page every 30 mins. Would love if someone could fill me in on this issue I'm facing and take some stress off lol

2013, January 10 - 4:40pm

Can you answer me this please: "5 Day Relax Room (Price is for 2 people, you get a real bed with a lockable room, plus access to cosy sauna and jacuzzi) €640 + €6.60 BF"

The above paragraph i took from your info on Tomorrowland, is that part there €640 per person or is it €320 each ?...and does that include ticket into the festival for the 3 days also ?

Thank you

2013, January 21 - 11:41am

Hi Wikifestivals,

I don't see any DreamVille global journey packages from India. Is there some kind of mistake or there is only 3,4,5 start accommodation available?

2013, January 25 - 6:43am

Can you reply the above question?

2013, January 25 - 9:43am

Hey Guys, Like you all know ticket sale dates are out, hope you all have pre-registered. Me and my friends are going for the full madness comfort pass and relax rooms. whats everyone planning for? Theres a global journey package from mumbai as well.. anyone taking that?


mail: [email protected]

2013, January 27 - 4:17pm


I'm hoping to go to tomorrowland this year, my flights are already booked, fly into brussels airport early on the fro morning, does anyone know if there is a package that includes ticket, hotel and travel to the venue, we don't want to camp....if there is do you know how much they would be thanks in advance

2013, January 29 - 1:01pm

Hello Peter

They do offer Hotel Packages that provide a choice of 3* 4* 5* hotels, your festival tickets and transfers between the hotel and venue daily.

All you need to organise is getting to the hotel to start :-)

Visit this page scroll down and select hotel package and take it from there.

Good luck :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 1 - 11:15pm


I was just wondering, I am coming from Copenhagen and do not want to take any flying tickets as I am going to be doing some travelling and going to get to Tomorrowland on my own, my question is can I buy tickets only for the festival and dreamville without the need of buying flights? If so, how much would that be on the full madness plus the first dreamville package?

Thank you, Abe

2013, February 3 - 5:49am

Hey, We are coming from Australia and are planning on using the Global Journey package from London.

We have 6 ppl, planning on using the easy tent option as well as we don't have the facility to bring our own camping gear. When the flight packages go on sale how does it work? We need to all book together - is there a limit on the amount of global journey tickets you can buy - I know that a tent is for 2 ppl, so if we need 6ppl, that would be 3 packages required? and 1 person should be able to book them all at once?

Thanks! Charlie!

2013, February 5 - 1:21pm

Hello Charlie.

Thanks for your query hopefull these bullet points will help:

  • Global Journey packages go on sale on 9th Feb 17H00 CET
  • From Australia you can get flight+hotel+ticket packages from Sydney with further information available here:
  • There are single and double rooms available where the double room prices are split between two people.
  • One person can buy a maximum of 4 packages, as long as the 6 of you mind going in double rooms, one person should be able to purchase 3 packages or your groups of 2 can purchase their own.

We hope that makes sense, any further questions?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 5 - 11:05am

Im from Australia and myself and a few friends will be in europe prior to the festival and looking at purchasing travel packages from barcelona. Was just wondering whether you purchase them from the actual tomorrowland website or do you have to go through a travel partner of theirs?? (there isnt any from australia)) i just want to be ready cause we dont want to miss out!


2013, March 7 - 11:03am

i m from india and myself and a few freinds are gonna attend the festival.we want acces to the dreamville. please guide me to book the tents or a mansion.

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2013, March 8 - 1:15pm


Can you please advise if there are tickets still available for Tomorrowland? The Full Madness Weekend Pass? on a webiste Viagogo it it is showing available but on the official webiste they say tickets are sold out?

Many thanks

2013, March 8 - 10:55pm

Tickets sold out a month ago. Be careful when buying 2nd hand and read the rules on Tomorrowland's website before you do.

Good luck!

2013, March 9 - 3:27pm

Hi Guys, my partner and I have purchased a Eurostar travel package from London however we're travelling to Ibiza after Tomorrowland. Do you know if it would be possible to swap our inbound Eurostar tickets for flights to Ibiza instead? And any suggestions re: how we could go about arranging this with someone? I already asked the Tomorrowland organisers but of course they told me that they are unable to amend any packages themselves. Many thanks for any advice you can give :) Amber

2013, March 9 - 7:13pm

Hey Amber,

Congrats on getting the Eurostar package. However they won't change anything. I don't see how a swap would work unless you were physically at the train station and tried to change over the ticket.

You'll probably have to eat the cost of the trip back to London, and just buy a flight to Ibiza. Check out Vueling Airlines or Iberia as the cheapest way to get to Ibiza from Brussels. Also, Aer Lingus is what we're taking (we are going to Tomorowland right AFTER Ibiza). It has a layover in Dublin but they are a great airlines!

Good luck!

2013, March 9 - 9:34pm

Hello everyone, I was able to get a ticket to tomorrowland which is " Tomorrowland 2013 - Full Madness Weekend Pass AND DreamVille Camping ". Something has come up with me and I wont be able to attend and was wondering if anyone is interested.

Please let me know. ( I am listing it on )

Cheers, Abe

2013, March 9 - 11:51pm

Hello, thank you so much for your response, I will check out those airlines. One other random question - do you know if the merchandise currently in the Tomorrowland store is from 2012 or from this year? I want to buy some things but want to make sure it's the latest merch for this year. Thank you :)

2013, March 9 - 11:58pm

That merchandise is all from 2012.

Current items I wouldn't think would be available for a while now. New site launches early April so check back then. Plus, i'm not sure where you are in the world, but shipping on the site is absolutely ridiculous. I'm in Chicago and the shipping would cost more than any item they have.

2013, March 10 - 12:11am

Ok great, thanks for letting me know! I'll hold off for now then.

2013, April 11 - 3:35am

I guess I will just have to keep checking back for a sale date. Hopefully, there will be some type of a package deal for New Yorkers. If not, maybe something close by then to make it easier to travel. Thank you for the information that you have provided.