Tomorrowland 2013 Dreamville Ticket Question

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Submitted by power on 2013, January 11 - 3:55pm

Can you answer me this please: "5 Day Relax Room (Price is for 2 people, you get a real bed with a lockable room, plus access to cosy sauna and jacuzzi) €640 + €6.60 BF"

The above paragraph i took from your info on Tomorrowland, is that part there €640 per person or is it €320 each ?...and does that include ticket into the festival for the 3 days also ?

Thank you

2013, January 13 - 12:20am

Anybody ?

2014, January 14 - 2:43pm

Know if you can use your link on multiple devices ?

2013, January 14 - 11:51am

Hello Power

It's €320 each and you have to purchase entry tickets separately, please bare in mind those are the 2012, as soon as we get the 2013 prices we shall update the wiki, until then use the prices on the wiki as rough estimates.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 14 - 4:44pm

So that would be 320 for Dreamville package i mentioned and then we would have to buy a 3 day pass for tomorrowland which would be roughly how much was it last year ? just asking so i will know how much i need, thanks.

2013, January 14 - 4:55pm

Also, do i need to purchase a Tomorrowland ticket before i can purchase a Dreamville ticket ?

2013, January 15 - 12:33am

Last question, is there limited spaces in Dreamville ?..Thanks for the answers.

2013, January 21 - 11:01am

Hello power,

Yes there are limited spaces, we are not sure how many but we would advise that if you do want to stay at Dreamville, make sure you purchase your camping tickets immediately after you have your festival pass booked.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 19 - 2:56pm

Hi, I'm going to buy a DreamVille Easy Tent 5days pass, but I didn't get when and where I can Buy it. I know that I have to Buy a tomorrowland full madness pass first and that tickets sale start on.,the 16th of february. so my question is: should i Buy a dreamville pass on the 16th of february too by clicking on the link i see in the pre-registration e-mail? Or there's another website? Sorry for all these question :)

2013, January 21 - 3:47pm

And i buy the Dreamville pass off the Dreamville website ?

2013, January 22 - 11:49am

You will be able to either buy it on the main website after your festival pass or if this is not the case then I'm sure the festival will release more info closer to the time :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 26 - 2:07am

Hi could I ask when buying a 3 day pass on the 16th , I'm also wanting to camp in my own tent I know the prices I was wondering do I have to purchase the dreamville pass at the same time as the actual festival ticket cheers.

2013, January 28 - 11:25am

Yes we would advise buying both on the same day as they sell out quick :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 26 - 7:15am

Does the Easy tent come with a entry to the festival ticket or do you book that seperate? Also if one person buys a easy tent at dreamvile can four people use the same ticket or do we all need to buy a easy tent 5 day pass?

2013, January 28 - 11:24am

Hello ArlieMcLeary

1) You have to buy camping and festival ticket separate, we advice purchasing both on the same day as it sells out quickly

2) For 4 people you will need to purhase the 4 person tent which costs €500, a price split between the 4 of you.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 29 - 12:12am

Thanks for the helpful information, but just a quick question about the cost of a 5 day easy tent pass, you stated it was €500 split between 4 people but I've seen it advertised for €250 and it says sleeps 2-4 people?

2013, January 29 - 2:18pm

Hello ArlieMcleary

  • Easy Tent 2 pers: € 250 (+ € 6,5 Admin Fee ) /
  • Easy Tent 4 pers € 500 (+ € 13 Admin Fee)

So price depends on if you decide to go in a 2 or a 4 :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 11 - 3:40pm

what does the easy tent 2 persons include?

2013, January 28 - 7:17pm

So i can purchase 3 festival tickets and 1 easy tent ticket for all 3 of us to stay in yes ?

2013, February 6 - 9:34am
  1. what is the difference between 9th feb bookings and 16th feb booking
  2. can i buy relax room + full madness comfort ,both, on the 16th feb ? or i hav to buy relax room on the 9th feb and d full madness comfort on the 16th feb?
  3. how many relax rooms can i buy with one pre registration?
  4. relax room is per person basis or per relax room basis?
2013, February 8 - 5:01pm

1- 9th is for belgian residents and packages / 16th is general sale

2- Yes you can buy all on the 16th

3 - 4 max per pregistration

4- The relax room holds two people and the price is split between you, you both have to buy a seperate festival entry pass though

Team wikifestivals

2013, February 6 - 11:44am

Hi, You have written on your website that when the belgian ticket sale is out on 9th feb - only belgians can buy a ticket by showing their id for belgians only (not for non belgians ),but my friends went last year from belgium - they showed one id and got 3 passes for non belgians and they were allowed.So are you trying to say that the rule has changed this year and 80,000 to 1 lakh BELGIANS will be at the festival ?????

2013, February 8 - 5:02pm


The information on the wiki is what was provided when we asked if belgian residents could buy on behalf of others.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 8 - 5:46pm

my question is can i buy tickets on 9th feb for non belgians with a belgian id ????

2013, February 14 - 8:28am

Can you pls answer my question: so me and my boyfriend are planning to stay in a relax room. we're going to buy it for 950Euros from his credit card. Do I have to buy an extra plain Dreamville Access ticket or will they send 2 bracelets(one for him and one for me) for the relax room by mail? Thanks

2013, February 14 - 11:55am

Hello bbensua

Relax room tickets can only be bought in confunction with festival passes anyway, so they will probably send you 2 bracelets where the bar code on it will recognise what type of entrance you are allocated.

Does this make sense?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 14 - 12:03pm

Thanks so much. To be clear i'm gonna be able to enter to my room even though my bf bought it- with those 2 bracelets they'll send for the room right?

2013, February 15 - 7:00pm

hey i am planning to travel europe and go for tomorrorland, will really appreciate if anyone can share their plans to help me with my bookings.

2013, February 15 - 7:01pm

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2013, February 21 - 8:59pm

Hi all, If I have purchased a 5 day dreamville pass and a day pass for Friday and Sunday. I was able to purchase them together on the website. But there seems to be confusion on the website saying "If you buy a festival DAY ticket you won’t be able to buy a camping ticket!". will I be able to camp for the full 5 days?

2013, February 22 - 4:25pm

Hello Brita,

We are a bit confused could you clear this up for us, does this mean you don't intend to attend the festival on the Saturday?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 22 - 7:24pm

Hi, Yes we were only able to purchase day pass tickets for the Friday and Sunday (we missed out on a full madness pass) so no we will not be attending the festival on saturday. We also purchased a dreamville ticket. On the website it states "DreamVille (camping) tickets are only on sale for those who buy a Full Madness Regular Pass or a Full Madness Comfort Pass for Tomorrowland 2013. If you buy a festival DAY ticket you won’t be able to buy a camping ticket!" Does this mean we are not able to camp for the 5 days?? hope this makes sense and you are able to clarify this. Thanks

2013, February 25 - 12:07pm

Hello Brita,

If you were able to purchase a dreamville ticket despite the restrictions then we recommend when attending bringing your confirmation emails with you, as you should get what you payed for!

It might be worth trying to contact the festival as well (email can be found on official website) because we don't want to advise you incorrectly, that's just what we would do in your situation :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2014, January 14 - 2:41pm

Alright guys one question can my registration link to buy tickets be used on multiple devices? It won't crash or block me out?

2014, January 17 - 1:13am

If you buy an Easy Tent 2 people is there a limit of how many people can sleep in it? There are three us going and if I get the Easy Tent for two people would I be allowed the third person in? Please help I'm so confused!!

2014, January 30 - 11:01am

I'd like to know the answer to this aswell?

2014, January 30 - 6:06pm

Hi Amy, If you purchase a 2-Person Easy Tent, you will only receive two dreamville bracelets. Since they are only sold in pairs, you will need to purchase another 2-Person Easy Tent for the 3rd person and either find someone to join your group or absorb the cost of the extra ticket.