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Submitted by HanitaBonita on 2012, December 1 - 10:38am

Hey everyone!

I'm from Toronto, Canada. I am currently organizing this trip for over 25 confirmed people and I need all the help I can get! IF you have attended this festival in the past years or know someone who has I have some questions that would be so awesome to have answered!

  1. How does the ticket processing take place? Do you just confirm your credit card information and have to be lucky to get a ticket?

  2. I have looked into the different types of accommodations, I really would love an idea of WHICH type is best for someone who is traveling from far far away. (Is there a huge budget difference??)

  3. FLIGHTS!: I'm confused about the idea of the travel package? Is it offered to Toronto? OR only the USA?

Again, someone who has experience in the past would be SO helpful! (I'll bake you cookies and send them to you!!)

Thanks so much in advance! AND If you want to be added to the Facebook group for Canada, send me a message with your name and ill add you!!



2012, December 3 - 10:37am

Hello HanitaBonita,

While we can't answer all your questions here is what we can answer so far

PACKAGES: In 2012, the only flight package leaving from North America was USA, however the 2013 Package details are due to be released beginning of next year, so hold tight :-)

ACCOMMODATIONS: If you don't want to carry all your camping stuff, you can the Easy Tent, where all you will need to carry is a sleeping bag, or alternatively yu can book your festival pass and hotel seperatly

More ticket and camping info can be found here:

More local hotel information can be found here:

TICKET: If you get through to the payment page then chances are you have got a ticket, beginning of next year the organisers will reveal when tickets go on sale and how to get them.

Hope this helps :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2012, December 6 - 10:28pm

I want to go, I'm from Toronto ... I leave my cell .. send me a text 647-713-1909