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Submitted by tylerrphippss on 2013, April 5 - 2:53am

Hi. I just recently saw the after-movie for TomorrowLand 2012 and, like the most of you, I just about fell in love. I do have some questions though.

Based on ticket prices from Tomorrowland 2013, how much should I plan on saving up for Tomorrowland 2014? I've been researching for 2 whole days and can't seem to find a good answer.

  • Flying from LAX
  • Full Madness Comfort Pass
  • Stay in my own tent in Dreamville
  • Food & Beverages

I just want be completely sure so I can plan financially for this amazing trip!

Thank you!

2013, April 6 - 8:38pm

Honestly, I would say between 1000-1500. Maybe a little more if you plan on spending a lot of money on t-shirts and memorabilia. It can be rather expensive if you let it be.

2013, April 6 - 10:21pm

and that would include the flight to Belgium from LA ?

2013, April 6 - 10:45pm

Correct, google something called buddypasses. It is the best way to go if you are going overseas

2013, April 8 - 11:12am

Hello tylerrphippss


To see how much travel packages cost in 2013 from LAX, including flights, accommodation,festival ticket and transfer from airport, you can find out through the similator here:

If you decide to take the travel package that would leave you only needing to worry about spending money, with some users recommending taking between 150 - 300 euros