Tomorrow Land 2015 -magnificent green - camping itinerary - solo traveller

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Submitted by kerim on 2015, March 1 - 10:09am

hi there ,

Going alone and gonna be staying at the camping area (magnificent greens), any advice for camping itinerary ? such as head light , plastic water bottles , towels etc .. also would be great if you guys know any east tent to buy before hand so its not much hassle to fix it in the camping area.. + Is there a place where we can take showers or just basic toilets..? Also , do you guys know if we would allow us to bring any medication for headache or similar ?? or is there chemist in dreamville where we can get these things?

Any additional advice would be great for the camping area?any good zone to put the tent etc..

thanks a lot..

2015, March 27 - 6:03pm

I found a very goog looking alternative for Dreamville. For people who already have tickets but no hotel or other accommodation yet, check out Grazeland on fb. Seems really promising