Tomorrow land 2015

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Submitted by nkbbhatia on 2014, November 1 - 5:42am

Anyone from Bangalore going to tomorrow land 2015

2015, January 11 - 4:18pm

I would like to purchase the Global Journey flights package, howebver on the site it clearly outlines the single qacceptance of credit cards NOT debit card.

I am a student and so I cannot obtain a £1,500 limit for my ticket and my partners ticket.

I have therefore asked a close friend if they will use their credit card to make the purchase for me; however, they are not going.

Is this possible? or does the cardholder have to be one of the ticket holders attending?

Thank you in advance as I only have 13 days to sort this problem out!

2015, January 12 - 6:19pm

Hi, just wanna know how easy it is to get tickets for tomorrowland?

For instance, am I more likely to get global journey tickets if I try on the 24th or more likely to get dreamville tickets on the 4th of feb?

Idealy i want to get the best tents on offer so dreamville tickets and making my own way would be the cheapest option. Just worried we won't get there at all!?