Tomorowland 2014 tickets and camping

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Submitted by Grulizz on 2013, November 20 - 1:40pm

Im planing to get to the tomorowland festival for the first time. But i want to be sure about some things. In which address i will have to buy a ticket. And what to do further with the ticket, i read some forums, that i need to activate them or something.

And about the camping : EASY TENT 5 DAY PASS + "THE GATHERING" (€250 + €6.50 BF) - 1 tent per ticket, with 1 tent holding 2 - 4 people, tent is set up for you. You are allowed to take the tent home with you.

I have to buy ticket for it? Or i will have to buy the tent on the festivals day. And if i buy it, i can take 1-3 people with me, am i correct?

Hoping for some answers, thank you :)

2013, November 20 - 1:43pm

Hi Grulizz, you have to buy the Easy Tent pass in advance, when you buy the normal ticket. Those coming with you also have to buy tickets for the festival and the camping, you can split the cost for the tent at least.

Hope that helps =)