Tommorrowland dreamville

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Submitted by tiekai on 2013, February 9 - 2:26am

hello so a couple of friends and me are planning on going to tommorrowland what iam confussed about is the dreamville. We want to do the easy tent for 5 days what i don't get is dose 1 person need to purchase the easytent access for all of us to stay in dreamville or is it per person? sorry if this has been ask already.


2013, February 11 - 12:25pm

Hello tiekai

According to the site one ticket purchase is needed per tent, you can choose the following

  • 2 person tent: €250 + €6.50 Admin Fee - So that would work out at €125 + €3.25 per person
  • 4 person tent: €500 + €13 Admin Fee - €125 + €3.25 again

Is there anything else we can advise on?

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