Ticket Time Zone Confusion; Help ASAP! :(

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Submitted by EllaS33 on 2013, February 8 - 5:03pm

I need help ASAP! I'm going to be trying to buy tickets tomorrow for the Global Journey packages. It says tickets go on sale 17hr00 CET Time, which I have found out it is 5 pm according to time converters. I am in the EST time zone, which makes the sale at 11am for me, here.

Today, on the tomorrowland website they posted "In case you haven’t registered yet, do it now! Be ready, this Saturday at 11 AM sharp (CET Time)!" So what in the world does this mean? Now it's 11am CET time (11hr00)?

I've never travelled outside of North America, So I'm not familiar at all with the time zones

Please help! Thank you!

2013, February 8 - 5:53pm

Hi Ella,

It says on the offical site 17H but ont heir facebook they said 11H we are really confused too :-S

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 8 - 6:13pm

Guess I'll be getting up twice tonight just in case! Thanks! :)