Taking drugs to Creamfields

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Submitted by Bob on 2013, July 29 - 5:16pm

Can anyone with experience of going to Creamfields tell me roughly what level of security they have? A friend of mine just got back from Global Gathering and told me they had police everywhere, dog squads.. even helicopters. Sounds pretty mental, I'm up for a good time but not at that kind of cost!

2013, July 30 - 12:18pm

When I have been, I have always seen people getting caught with drugs. It's just not worth it. You might find that you get thrown out of the festival, and you will then have wasted all of the money that you spent on tickets. You should be able to have a good time without drugs, just go and enjoy the music with your friends. If you get arrested for drug use then that is certainly going to ruin your weekend, and mean that you're not going to want to go again.