Is Sonisphere UK still happening in 2013?

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Submitted by ThrashUnreal on 2012, November 21 - 5:37pm

Hello again Wikifestivals!

I was just wondering I saw updates on your site for the French and Italian branches of Sonisphere 2013, but nothing on the UK front.

Is Sonisphere still happening in the UK next year?


2012, November 21 - 5:41pm

Hello again to you too ThrashUnreal,

This is the info we have currently on Sonisphere 2013 UK:

While staff at Knebworth County Park have stated that they are preparing for a 2013 event, no official dates have been released as off yet.

The Facebook page titled Sonisphere Festival UK Tickets is maintained by Emma Rugg - An Official Ambassador for Sonisphere UK Festival, the "About" section states "Sonisphere UK will return in 2013"

The website has recently updated both the main and UK website to show the new artwork, with the UK website stating "Coming Soon To Your World"

So yeah it still looks like it's happening, we reckon an announcement is due soon, so be sure to keep up to date following our Sonisphere Wiki here:

Hope that helps :-)

Team Wikifestivals