Snowboxx 2016 Age restriction?

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Submitted by Muli8383 on 2015, September 8 - 7:30am


I am looking at making a booking for Snowboxx 2016. We have a group of 6 people, 5 of which are late 20's/ early 30's. The 6th, however, is only 17 years old. Apart from being excluded from drinking, will he have any problems attending the festival? The trip is specifically being booked for him, as a reward for doing so well in his GCSE's and getting onto the College course he applied for.



2015, September 8 - 10:40pm

Looking at their site, the latest birthdate available to register is in March 1998, so it looks like 18+ … According to info here: Their minimum age is 17. Those under the age of 18 must have parental consent, and are prohibited from drinking at the festival. It is advised that you fully consider the nature of the festival before making a decision to make a reservation, as it may be unsuitable for younger people. Read more at I have emailed Snowboxx for clarification & will feed back their response.

2015, September 8 - 10:46pm

Checking a similar question on their FB page: "Unfortunately the event is 18+"

2015, September 9 - 1:32pm

I received this reply from Snowboxx:

"Yes, unfortunately the festival is strictly 18+ due to the festivals nature and the type of people our festival caters for!"