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Submitted by Galgameth on 2012, October 29 - 3:26pm

Hey there! So, RW 2013 tickets are on sale this Friday and I just had a few last minute things to check out.

Firstly, are there any English sites who act as official vendors for RW? Proximus Goformusic only has French and Dutch options, so it's a bit tricky for someone from the UK :3 If not, can you advise me whereabouts on the site I would find RW tickets?

Secondly, I just wanted to check that the 9am sale time is Belgian local time, making it 8am here in England?

Lastly, where do you purchase the Campsite XL tickets, and roughly how much will shipping them to the UK be?


2012, October 29 - 5:57pm

Hello Galgameth

Thanks for getting in touch, Usually we have this info on hand, but for this we dont, we're just letting you know that we have seen this question and we are currently trying to find out the correct information for you, bare with us :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 30 - 3:27pm

Alright thankyou :)

If it isn't too much trouble, any idea how many tickets are available for purchase per person?

2012, October 30 - 5:55pm

No worries!

Ticket prices have not been announced BUT as a rough estimate, 2012 have cost the following:

  • One Day Ticket: €79
  • Campsite Ticket Regular €18
  • Campsite XL (Early Entry) €25
  • 4 Combi Ticket + Camping €195

In regards to your first query, we have contacted the organisers and are just waiting for a response, we also asked on our social networking sites if there is anyone out there who has attended in the past that may help.

Bare with us :-)

While we wait, is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, October 30 - 6:09pm

Us again!

As time is getting tight, just incase we don't hear back from the organisers, this might help you massively.

Rock Wertcher's ticketing is dealt with by a company called Teleticket Service, and there website does have an english section which can be viewed here:

There FAQ section is quite detailed :-)

Team Wikifestivals