Quick question regarding alcohol at Tomorrowland Festival

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Submitted by GeorgeKershaw on 2013, July 13 - 12:29am

Hello WikiFestivals! :)

I'm aware that no food or drink is allowed into the festival site, but it is allowed into DreamVille. I'm also aware that no glass is allowed. Does this mean that I can put alcohol into plastic bottles and take them into DreamVille? Is there a limit to how much alcohol one person can take in?

Thank you very much :)

2013, July 15 - 4:30pm

Hello George :-)

You can take food and drink into the camping site (dreamville) no problem, plus while you can't take alcohol into the main arena, we're sure they won't deny you a packet of crisps or something to take in as a small snack, but don't take our word for it.

And yes in regards to alcohol in glass bottles, you would have to pour your alcohol into plastic containers when taking it into the camp-site. This is for yours and other safety.

We are not sure about a limit but as long as you aren't taking in an amount that looks like you are going to sell it on, we can't see that as a problem :-)

Anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, July 15 - 4:35pm

You can bring as much alcohol as you want into the camp as long as it is not in glass, they banned glass for safety reasons.

2013, July 22 - 5:14pm

Awesome thanks so much! I always put vodka into a bottle of lemonade anyway so I drink out of plastic normally. This is good news for me, woohooo :)

Thank you:)

2013, December 12 - 3:59am

Hi there,

Can I put alcohols into plastic bottles and bring into Tomorrowland?