Question about Belgian Tomorrowland tickets (address enough?)

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Submitted by C3P0 on 2014, January 17 - 1:28pm


I am an Austrian citizen, live in Brussels for long term (belgian address, belgian phone number, workplace etc.) but I am not officially registered as Belgian.

Will I still be able to buy the tickets one week early or is that just for people who have official residency in Belgium? (essentially - is a belgian address enough? ;))

Thank you very much for your answer!

2014, January 19 - 3:35pm

anyone here who has experience with that? Or can confirm that an address is enough?

2014, January 19 - 7:13pm

The Belgian address should be all you need. Tomorrowland will verify you by your address, but not verify you by your passport or another form of identification for your nationality.

2014, January 19 - 7:24pm

Thank you very much!

2014, February 4 - 8:43am

Wiki - are you sure you don't need a Belgium credit/bank card to complete the purchase for the Belgium pre-sale and that a Belgium address will be enough? I assume that once the wristbands and passport match, that there will be no issue for non-Belgium residents who got tickets in the Belgium sale getting in? Cheers!