Purchasing Tomorrowland 2013 tix from Paylogic

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Submitted by DeeJane on 2013, June 6 - 10:08am

I am currently in the process of purchasing tickets from the original buyer. Before I follow through I'd like to ask if this is a legit sale. I received an invoice from PayLogic Payments (paylogic ATconsultant.com) stating that the names and info on the tickets will change to my information. Next step is to pay through Western Union. "Payment must be submitted via Western Union to the TomorrowLand FPS." To an Agent of Tomorrowland Flexible Payment Service.

Has anyone done this and it worked or is this a possible scam?

2013, June 10 - 9:01am

Hi there, yeah Paylogic is a legit company indeed. They do a lot of ticket sales. Can you post the URL you're trying to buy tickets from? Tomorrowland was sold out within no-time, so it seems a bit weird that you're buying tickets from the original seller a few weeks after the event was already sold out (Paylogic).