Promoter's for Tomorrwland ?

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Submitted by wzuerlein on 2013, April 11 - 12:26am

TomorrowWorld Music Festival is coming to USA September 2013. It is the first time this festival is being presented in the USA. We provide tour and music festival catering, our company is based in the UK; however, I am in the USA and would like to reach out to the promoter's or production managers to see if we can be of assistance. I would appreicate any information you can provide. Thanks, Wendy

FYI - GREAT web-site!

2013, April 15 - 2:20pm

Hello Wzuerlein!

Firstly thank you so much for your compliment, means a lot to hear our work is appreciated.

Unfortunately we don't have access to that kind of information, The only thing we can recommend is to drop them an email, we can't seem to find a general email on their site but I'm sure it'll be released soon :-)

Really sorry we couldn't be or more help, good luck in finding your answer!

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