People travelling from india for tomorrowland confirm

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Submitted by Pratik P on 2013, April 14 - 6:43am

Hey, Am Pratik me n couple of my friends are travelling to tomorrowland and then later to ibiza So wanted to know if anyone would like to join us.

And also let us know if u and your friends are travelling to tomorrowland then We will catch up there

Cheers guys!!!

2013, April 20 - 5:18pm

anyway it is my pleasure to meet you

2013, April 23 - 6:30am

Wow, that's so exciting that people are going to Tomorrowland from all over. It really makes me want to go sooo bad lol.

2013, May 20 - 11:49am

Yes that's very exciting. Tomorrowland is one of the best shows I've been at!

2013, April 24 - 2:27am

It is simply amazing that this event is bringing people together from all over the world! I wish I could attend but I have to be someplace else at this time. I hope you all have a great time!

2013, May 20 - 11:56am

Too bad you cannot attend. I heard that this year the setup will be amazing. We'll definitely have a great time!

2013, June 23 - 9:11pm

Hey Pratik,

I'm heading to Greece for a week and the to Tomorrowland. Let's Connect..

2013, July 4 - 7:42am

hi, i know Tomorrowland 2013 has not yet begun yet im here enquiring about Tomorrowland 2014. I’m planning to attend with a bunch of friends from India and Dubai and its for my 30th do so i really wanna plan early and have everything ready and set. so here are my questions 1) I know that dates will be released much later, but is it always at the end of July cause thats when is my bday too :D :D 2) We have our own camping equipment and to be able to set that up, where do you recommend we buy passes for. 3) wherever you recommend us to buy a pass for the camping set up, how far would it be from the arenas. 4) are there day passes and the full event pass? 5) is there a pass that gives you access to all the performances or do certain passes come with arena and performance restrictions 6) how much should we set aside for the following:
FULL ENTRY PASSES FOR ALL THE DAYS + CAMPING (with our own equipment)+ GETTING FROM BELGIUM AIRPORT TO TOMORROWLAND VENUE i know these are very random questions for someone planning more than 12 months in advance, but i realllly wanna make it great and well planned hence all you responses will be much appreciated. THANK YOU!!!!!

2013, July 9 - 6:13pm

Hey Guys... We are coming too in a big group...around 16 of us from hyderabad. Hope to c u all there....

2014, January 25 - 2:55am

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