Payment for Tomorrowland Tickets

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Submitted by Lauren.Rae99 on 2013, January 30 - 6:24pm

Does anyone know if the website will accept a visa debit card as payment..? Or does it have to be a credit card?

2013, February 14 - 7:18pm

Anyone have an answer for this question! I'm in London and want to know if the site will accept my Barclays Visa debit card when purchasing my tiket!! Please help guys don't wanna miss out coz of a stupid mistake on my behalf!! Thanx:)

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2014, January 12 - 2:13am

I'd also like to know about payment cards. I have an American Express card and often this isn't accepted online. Will Tomorrowland take it?

2014, January 6 - 7:25pm

We don't 100% know the answer to these queries, but it is highly likely Visa debit cards will be accepted. When purchasing tickets (and in fact anything online) there is always a chance that your card issuer's anti-fraud systems may be alerted and your transaction will be denied. For this reason, if you want to be super safe, always have two or three payment alternatives when making online purchases... especially for Tomorrowland tickets when you don't want anything to go wrong and miss your chance of going to the festival!