Party Favours at Tomorrowland

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Submitted by Rawker on 2012, November 13 - 12:03pm

Sounds a bit of a dodge question and apologies for that, but an awesome three day electronic dance festival in the middle of Europe sounds like somewhere where people might be taking a few (or maybe even a lot!) of party favours. Certainly the pictures and videos I've seen of this year's Tomorrowland seem to suggest that a lot of people are looking VERY happy and dancing VERY fast.

Seeing as how everyone going to the festival seems to be coming from other countries - by plane, train, boat, etc and is likely to not risk brining any "substances" past police and boarder guards, where does everyone get their bits and pieces from? Is there an unwritten rule or something at this festival and there's a place to get stuff from or something else? Has anyone got any experience getting hold of stuff at Tomorrowland?

2012, November 14 - 4:40pm

Sources vary, many websites state that security is lax while others state the opposite, it seems to change from year to year, If you want to find drugs here you will, just be careful. Don't trust overly dodgy or weird/super friendly people and don't let foreigners pull the wool over your eyes.