Paid for tickets, no confirmation email? -Tomorrowland 2014

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Submitted by boonere on 2014, February 19 - 12:42am

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if they have any idea of what is going on- I purchased 1 Easy Tent 2x person Full Madness pass for the 1st weekend this last Saturday through all the correct channels (pre-registeration, waited in line, etc etc). I received the pink screen where paylogic confirmed my payment and said I would receive a further email confirming my tickets. The money for the tickets in their entirely has been paid for- my bank and paypal both have receipt of the transaction and yet NO EMAIL. What's going on? Any ideas?

Thank you!

2014, February 20 - 1:12am

Im trying to buy a ticket of someone and they are receiving the same problem, we will try to sort it out tomorrow but in the meantime, email them to try and resolve this problem... Too bad they dont have a number to phone ha!

2014, February 20 - 12:35pm

We recommend e-mailing Tomorrowland, this has happened to some other people and seems to be some kind of buy. Also check your spam folder.

2014, February 21 - 5:24pm

Thanks for responding! I emailed paylogic- the company Tomorrowland operates from and they emailed me back saying they were having some problems getting emails out but I would get my tickets!!

I hope everyone else who is hoping to access their tickets does- We're easy tent first weekend! See you all there!!