New York To Tomorrowland 2013

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Submitted by Mamaa on 2013, January 7 - 3:33pm

How much from newyork do you think 2013 tickets be flying camping and all that

2013, January 7 - 3:35pm

Hello Mamaa,

In 2012 these were the prices, so perhaps a little extra: PACKAGES - all include return flights from Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York (!) and Barcelona.

All include a form of accommodation be it standard Dreamville, VIP Dreamville or a Hotel stay.

You would be looking to spend between €590 - €640 for a Dreamville or Dreamville VIP stay (€1200 - €1260 from New York)

Whereas packaged that involve a stay at a 3* or a 4* hotel would cost between €740 - €790 (€1340 - €1400 from New York)

For extra travel information please also check out this article:

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