Malaysia to Tomorrowland

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Submitted by Nabil Alsadi on 2012, December 11 - 2:07pm

Hello!! I am looking to go to tomorrowland 2013 from malaysia .How much will I need to spend for for everything ? I mean the tickets, for the festival, and for airline , camping,...... . Thank you

2012, December 11 - 2:12pm

1) The airport in Belgium you need is either Brussels or Antwerp, use or to find out how to get to those airports from Malaysia

2) Then from those airports you will need to get a train to Boom, information can be found on

Is there anything we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 3 - 8:57am

erm, I'd say 8k since the full madness ticket ( 25,26,27) is 200 euros and the five days camping at dreamville is 50 euros. but total for d tickets of 5 days stay in tomorrowland is rm 1.2k. the others wud depend on ur flight ticket. oh. the ticket goes on sale this coming 17th of february at 12am malaysia time. :)