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Submitted by samsam1122 on 2013, July 17 - 12:20am

First time going to Lovebox friday and i was curious on how strict security is there and how possible it is to get in with pills etc.. Probably not the question everyone wants to hear but for obvious reasons i need to know, much appreciated.

2013, July 17 - 12:24am

If you have to carry, carry it in your head.

2013, July 17 - 12:26am

i see what you mean however i don't want to be fucked out of my head before i even get in ahaha if i was to get searched (which i assume i will) they would clock by my body language they wouldnt even need to search me.

2013, July 17 - 1:18am

My friend if you have to ask you are probably going to get into trouble. Don't risk it. If you ignore this advice drink lots of water.

When you are in a huge crowd the chances of something going wrong are higher than you.

Security are looking for bottles and cops are looking for dealers. First aiders like me are looking for someone to practice CPR on.

2013, July 17 - 10:05am

You'll be fine. Security is super vigilant on some things like tickets and checking you aren't brining glass bottles in so you might get patted down on entry but nothing more than that. Just put what you have in bag and put it in your shock/shoe.

2013, July 17 - 11:05am

I have been in quite a few festivals and concerts and never saw security being so strict for small items. Tickets, bottles or other big objects yes, but not so small ones.

2013, July 17 - 1:14pm

You get searched but it's nothing too in-depth, they usually just ask that you take everything out of our pockets and pat you down/use metal detector, so if you take a small bag out and keep it in your hand together with your wallet, you should be ok.

2013, July 17 - 11:25pm

No. Put it in your shoes. That's the best way. They don't pat down your shoes and they dont get you to take them off either. PUT IT IN YOUR SHOES!

2013, July 18 - 7:54am

I agree with the above comment, if you need to bring pills with you hide it in your shoe, or even your sock! I know for a fact security wont look in that spot. I was also going to say if your a female hide it in your bra.

2013, July 22 - 12:47pm

definitely socks/shoes. At all the fests iv been too they don't even search everyone they just stare at people as they walk past and occasionally get people to empty their bags. you'll be fine

2013, July 22 - 5:09pm

Drugs are illegal, so obviously it's a risk.

But I went to lovebox this year for the first time, all they checked where bottle lids to make sure my drinks weren't open. Didn't even get patted down, my bag wasn't even opened. Quite worrying really haha

2013, July 24 - 12:15am

It is not that hard hiding small items such as pills, but still it is a risk you have to consider if it's worth taking.

2013, July 26 - 5:21am

Not suggesting anything but SWIM scotch tapes pills to their bare chest. They claim its undetectable. You can't argue with this technique. He also puts it in his socks and shoes. Many places will not ask you to take your shoes off at checks. Taping it is definitely 100% easier and safer of course.

2017, July 16 - 10:10pm

There were sniffer dogs on the entrances at this year's festivals (and last year's). I did hear of people getting caught and having full on private searches with security and/or police and if drugs were found the drugs were taken and the punters were ejected from the festival (tickets taken).