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Submitted by Darcy808 on 2013, January 17 - 6:11pm

I am coming from Southern California and I am wondering if it will be easy to communicate with locals and other festival go-ers? Can you advise me on what language the majority of the people I will be encountering will be speaking? Dutch? French? Belgian? I am thinking of buying a translation dictionary and/or audio discs to learn a few key words and phrases before i make the journey!

2013, January 17 - 7:31pm

Everyone in Europe speaks English although the native language of Belgian people is Dutch or French.

Belgian isn't really a language ;)

2013, January 18 - 6:15am

hahaha well shows how much i know about Europe! thanks for your help!

2013, January 18 - 1:11pm

This is true, bare in mind that Antwerp and Boom are in the Dutch speaking area of Belgium, so if you do want to learn some key phrases dont speak in French haha

Team wikifestivals

2013, January 18 - 9:44pm

alright, dutch it is! :)