I'm going to Tomorrowland alone, anyone else that maybe want to meet up????

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Submitted by malinloe on 2014, January 24 - 4:52pm

Hi! I'm thinking about buying the global journey package from Norway, I was suppose to go with my friend but she just told me she can't, and none of my other friends want to, or are working.. I'm kinda afraid, so any of you guys that are in the same situation and maybe want to meet up? :D

2014, January 28 - 4:34am

Hey girly! I'm going with my brother and 2 of his friends, were flying from Miami, were trying to get more people to form our lil group but like you said not everyone can since theyre working or in school. If you want to join us just reply so we can plan things out! :)

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2015, January 29 - 1:26pm

Can i join??as im going alone too

2014, January 28 - 5:21pm

I'm considering to buy a Global Journey Package as well! My friends find it too expensive but in my eyes it's almost the only way to guarantee a ticket since they are very expensive and go on sale a week before the regular ticket sale. I have to attend the festival this year!

2014, January 29 - 1:10pm

First we need to get tickets though. ;) How fast do you think the Global Journey Packages will be sold out? I'd love to meet up though!

2014, January 29 - 6:05pm

They sell out pretty quick! Im getting them as soon as they come out

2014, January 29 - 7:46pm

I'll be in the US twice before Tomorrowland. I might even come to Miami. But we should start planning when we actually have the tickets. :)

2014, January 30 - 3:28am

Thats greaatttttt and yeah youre right omg are you staying in dreamville or hotel

2014, January 30 - 3:37am

If youre actually in miami and if you do get the global journey we can fly together to tomorrowland and we wont be loenlyyy lol! Cus from miami i gotta take a plane to atlanta and then to tomorrowland and il lbe doing it by myself :(

2014, January 30 - 10:19am

I'll definitely stay in Dreamville. I don't wanna miss out on the whole experience. I'll be in the US in May and stay for only 2 weeks since I have to go back to work and school. Don't worry about flying out by yourself. The flight will be fun! You'll meet plenty of people on the plane who are going to Tomorrowland. Perfect time to make new friends. ;)

2014, April 6 - 12:35pm

You still planning on going to tommorowland ? me and my friend are going and want to get a group going :P

2014, July 3 - 10:38am

Which weekend ?

2014, July 14 - 12:11am

Sure, which weekend you're heading for ?