I know I've left it really late but can I still get a ticket for Burning Man?

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Submitted by Edward Mellett on 2013, July 20 - 5:49pm

I know, I know, I've left this really late but I'm considering going to Burning Man and I was wondering if it's still possible to go. It looks like there is one final block of tickets that the organisers put up for sale in August just before the event but these tickets are a little bit more expensive than tickets bought earlier. Is that right. Has anyone got any helpful tips on how to ensure I get a pair of these tickets?

2013, July 22 - 2:29pm

Hi Ed

Burning Man releases their tickets in various waves, with each wave costing more then the last, the cheaper tickets are on sale around December.

You can still get a ticket via the "OMG LAST CHANCE SALE" which is due to happen soon, here are the dates you need to konw:

FRIDAY AUGUST 2ND: At 12pm (noon) PDT, registration for the OMG Last Chance Sale opens

MONDAY AUGUST 5TH: At 12pm (noon) PDT, registration for the OMG Last Chance Sale closes

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 7TH: At 12pm (noon) PDT, first-come, first-served OMG Last Chance Sale

You can find out more information via our Burning Man wiki, we're not sure what the prices are yet, but if you follow Burning Man Ticket Informaton on Twitter via @BManTickets they usually release information there too.

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