I am going to TomorrowWorld Atlanta 2015 alone. Anyone wants to meet up?

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Submitted by Aliabba on 2015, May 28 - 3:45am

My friends are not interested in EDM music and they're short of cash too. I really want to go to TomorrowWorld 2015 in September but will be all alone. Was wondering if some one wants to team up? I will be coming from Toronto for 4 days...

2015, July 15 - 2:45am

eeeeeey mate id love to! any contact? skype?fb?

2015, August 5 - 5:46am

Hi! I'm also going to Tomorrowworld alone from Toronto since my friend had to cancel.

2015, August 23 - 4:30pm

Hey. I will be going solo, also. I would love to meet other ppl to hang with! Let me know if you want to share contact info

2015, August 26 - 6:24am

Sure!! Where can I contact u ?

2015, August 26 - 6:22am

Heey guys imma go solo too but just one day on Sunday! And I really wanna partyy with ppl

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2015, August 27 - 8:01am

Iam from calgary canada, my friend is 50-50 to come due to work issue, i cant cancel my flight and ticket on dreamville i hope people of tomorrow are friendly! this is my first time to come and i dunno know how to start, Iam asian. I need someone to party! help me out please

2015, September 21 - 4:39pm

Hi I'm going alone too from Rochester! Would love to meet new people! Let me know how I contact you guys :)

2015, September 24 - 3:22am

Keep an eye out for me. I'll be the guy running around spinning poi with a glitter mohawk. Visit my website and you can contact me directly to meet up. I'll be camping at Dreamville