How much will Tomorrowland 2013 Packages be?

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Submitted by kassieeex3 on 2012, December 7 - 12:00am

Roughly how much will the travel packages for 2013 be?

2012, December 7 - 2:48pm

Hello kassieeex3

2013 information will be released at the beginning of next year but for some rough ideas here is the 2012 information:

PACKAGES - all include return flights from Prague, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Geneva, London, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhague, Lisbon, Oporto, Bilbao, Budapest, Manchester, Moscow, New York (!) and Barcelona.

All include a form of accommodation be it standard Dreamville, VIP Dreamville or a Hotel stay.

You would be looking to spend between €590 - €640 for a Dreamville or Dreamville VIP stay (€1200 - €1260 from New York)

Whereas packaged that involve a stay at a 3* or a 4* hotel would cost between €740 - €790 (€1340 - €1400 from New York

2012, December 8 - 4:53pm

Hello, I'm from New York and intend on going the summer of 2013. What is included in the Dreamville VIP. Is it separate from a travel package or could every thing purchased at the same time ? Meaning flight and entry ? Also would I need to pack my own tent or are there some for sale at tomorrowland ?

2013, January 3 - 6:13am

YES I also would like to know this answer! Im from new jersey!

2013, January 3 - 12:37pm

Hello C4SP3P

Hopefully the following articles should answer your questions or at lease point you in the right direction

1) Price question:

2) Check out the ticket section in the Tomorrowland wiki:

3) How to get to Tomorrowland from USA:

4) USA to Tomorrowland Meetup Forum:

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 3 - 7:45am


i am From India and this will be my First Visit to Tommrowland 2013 Can you please help me with Flights,Tickets,Stay,food.

and time is best to land and leave tommrowland 2013

Thank you