How Early Should I arive at Tomorrowland?

Keith Watson's picture

Submitted by Keith Watson on 2013, July 19 - 3:27pm

Hi I like to get as close to the stage as possible. What time should I line up to have a reasonable view?

2013, July 22 - 12:44pm

As early as possible. To be honest you don't want to be on the barrier, unless you want to get squashed. but that's personal preference i guess!

2013, July 22 - 5:10pm

You will be able to move through the crowed easily, just say you've lost your friends haha

2013, July 23 - 2:01pm

No, don't do that. that's an incredibly dickish thing to do and it's the song of thing everyone will automatically hate you for. Wait your turn like everyone else and don't be so flipping selfish