how do i apply to trade at download next year 2014

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Submitted by slobbadog on 2013, June 22 - 1:40pm

hi we are a small trading company of fancy goods etc, we currently do show around the country and would like to move into festival trading, can you help find links or application web sites, regards slobbadog.

2013, July 2 - 1:48pm

Hello Slobbadog

Download does not accept submissions for Trade as they organise and source the stalls themselves.

That said, this shouldn't stop you trading at other festivals :-) Most festivals list Trade Application contacts in their "Contact Us" section.

So if you want to trade at specifically heavy metal festivals, perhaps type in heavy meta festival UK into Google and start your search from there.

You will often find the smaller-medium festivals are easier to start with.

Is there anything else we can help with?

Team Wikifestivals