Good EDM festivals (other than Tomorrowland)

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Submitted by Edward Mellett on 2013, June 28 - 11:36am

Everyone knows Tomorrowland is epic but what other EDM festivals are there at the moment in Europe?

2013, July 2 - 1:44pm

In the UK you could check out SW4 or Creamfields

Alot of the Croatian festivals mentioned in this piece, are also Electronic based festivals, or feature stages and parties sponsored or curated by EDM artists.

Are you interested in EDM festival approaching, or ones to keep an eye on in the future?

2013, July 2 - 2:04pm

I'm interested in going this summer. I'm quite keen on EDC too in London, although the weather will probably be terrible!

2013, July 8 - 2:26pm

Why not check out the following:

AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT - Similar to America's showcasing SXSW festivals but has a strong electronic focus

KAZANTIP REPUBLIC - Regarded as Burning Man meets the Ibiza experience

DIMENSIONS - Held in Croatia meaning guareenteed sun

ISF - A free electronic festival in Italy!

Magnetic Festival - indoor electronic festival in Prague, known for cheap booze