Global Journey

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Submitted by taylaenez on 2014, February 15 - 5:41am

Hello, so I am travelling from Australia with a few friends in a few years time to Tomorrowland, and I was just wondering, When you buy a global journey package can you change the accommodation to a relax room? When you book on the website all that comes up is the hotels, so I was wondering how you book the global journey with the relax room as I am trying to find out the prices. Thanks (:

2014, April 1 - 3:05pm

Hi ... I have 2 global journey tickets for tomorrow land 2014... I wish to resell one of them due to a family emergency.... Can someone please guide me with the needful .... Can 1 global journey ticket be sold separately ? Can I retain the hotel room and sell off the other ticket ? Please help