Friend in belgium can buy me tickets for TOMORROWLAND?

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Submitted by lalalara on 2013, January 22 - 2:59pm

Hello, Me and my friends are looking to go to Tomorrowland, We have a person in belgium who can buy us tickets. Is this possible? can they register to buy the tickets and then put the tickets in our names?? If so, can we actually use them in conjunction with our passport, as it is not a belgium passport??? I read some where that if a belgian person purchases tickets and puts the tickkets in the name and address of their belgium friends and then posts us the tickets over with their signature and statement that they wanted to sell us the ticket, that it would work no problem. Is this true? We are from Ireland.

Any knowledge on this would be great! Thanks

2013, January 22 - 7:13pm

I was actually thinking about this myself, but i bet there is catch with it that won't let you do it, what part of Ireland are you from ? me and 2 of friends are travelling from Ireland also.

2013, January 23 - 12:35pm

Hello lalalara and power,

This is what we noticed on the official website:

If you buy a ticket from other people (which we strongly discourage, as we cannot guarantee the validity of the ticket being sold), you need to bring a copy of the passport of the previous ticketholders. The person who sells you the ticket must provide a signed mandate in which he/she has given you the authorization to buy the ticket from him/ her.

Also if you are travelling from Ireland and looking to meet others travelling there put a shoutout in this Ireland to Tomorrowland Meetup Forum:

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 25 - 7:52am


I have a similar sort of question. What if someone is in Belgium on Feb 9th, can they still buy tickets if they are not a Belgian resident? What if they can use a Belgian address to send them to? Or will the ticket be valid only if presented along with a Belgian passport at the door? I have a feeling it won't work but thought I would ask.

Thank you!

2013, January 25 - 7:52am


I have a similar sort of question. What if someone is in Belgium on Feb 9th, can they still buy tickets if they are not a Belgian resident? What if they can use a Belgian address to send them to? Or will the ticket be valid only if presented along with a Belgian passport at the door? I have a feeling it won't work but thought I would ask.

Thank you!

2013, January 25 - 11:19am

Hello verodj

Belgian pre-sale are for Belgian residents only, address details have to be provided and we think they have to provide ID/Passport details too, we are not 100% sure about this but we do know IDs/Passport are check on entry.

Team wikifestivals

2013, January 30 - 3:51pm

Hello everyone.

Thanks for replies.

We are travelling from Armagh.

You defiantly have to be a resident of Belgium to purchase a ticket. We have people in Belgium that we know who are defiantly going to buy us the tickets obviously in their names and then they are going to post them to us with copies of their passports and signed letters saying that they where selling us the tickets due to unforeseen circumstances. . . . So would this defiantly work 100%? We wont get turned away after having paid for the tickkets n travel ???

2013, January 30 - 6:58pm

What day are ye flying out and where from ?

2013, February 14 - 8:39am

Hey Im kinda in the same situation, i have a friend who already got us the tickets but we want to make sure we can get in with those tickets....even tho we gonna met up with them in belgium before getting to the festival, I REALLY NEED A VALID ANSWER :((( thanks

2013, November 22 - 7:01pm

Hey!! Did u get to visit Tomorrowland with the Belgian tickets?? Really curious

2013, February 14 - 11:50am

In this situation we are not 100% sure if that would work, we've been advised by the organisers that Belgian pre-sale tickets are for Belgian residents only.

Regarding name changes or resell or tickets here is some information lifted from the Tomorrowland FAQ's section,

  • Name changes are not possible. Tickets are final! However, small spelling mistakes should not cause any problems. You can only use the Exchange Desk to sell your ticket, which will no longer be used by you (= name change).
  • You can only sell your ticket if other people are still looking for your type of ticket. From May you can register your tickets at the online Exchange desk, if you want to resell them. If someone is interested in buying your tickets (people who register for the waiting list), we will refund the cost of the ticket to your bank account. If there is no demand for your ticket, you won’t get your money back.

We don't want to give incorrect advice so in this scenario we'd advice emailing the organisers at [email protected]

Team Wikifestivals

2014, February 4 - 8:53am

Wiki - do you know what happened last year for folk who got tickets in the Belgium sale but were non-Belgium residents? Thanks1

2014, February 5 - 10:27am

We've heard second-hand reports that people got in without any problems as long as they had tickets. Try and get them without anyones name on them if possible. HOWEVER this is in no way an endorsement, do it at your own risk...

2014, November 11 - 10:40am

Hi, is it possible to buy the ticket without name on it? If yes, how?

2014, March 6 - 4:25pm

Hello to all,

I offer you the opportunity to stay in Boom during the entire weekend festival. We have a big house, which we every year flip into a nice B&B for the festival

The package includes, pick-up and drop-off from the airport to the B&B From the B&B to the festival is like a 5 minute walk....

If you have any additional questions, please PM me I will send you photo's and give you my private number.


2014, August 27 - 10:32pm

Hakim, my name is Jordan and I am from Canada and would like to speak with you about tomorrowland because you seem like you would be knowlegeable on the subject. Would you be willing to get in contact with me via email? I would very much appreciate it as me and a large group are planning on making our way to the 2015 festival. Thank you for your time.

2015, September 6 - 6:48am

hello jjacksin23,

I am in same situation you were before, planning to attend tomorrowland 2016 with group of friends and would like to get some information from you as it seems you attended it before. please let me know if we can contact via email, facebook...etc


2015, September 6 - 6:52am

Hello all,

did any one of you guys reach to an answer about this Belgium residents ticket purchase/transfer issue and if you need to have Belgium passport or address/PO box is enough?

2015, September 6 - 8:46am

The transfer issue still seems to be open: although feedback from this year's attendees may give some indication of what to expect next year, things may change in the interim. I'll try to get some clarification from the organisers.

2015, September 6 - 8:49am

Might the Global Journey Packages not be the best solution?

2015, September 6 - 8:53am

Everyone seems to be asking for information off-site & through private messages: it would really help all of us if the details were shared here in the forum.

2015, September 7 - 12:51pm

GJ packages are expensive if we take it from "guaranteeing entry to TML" moreover during the Belgian sale, the prices are 40% less than the worldwide sale prices and chances are much higher.

2015, September 8 - 10:21pm

I have a sneaking suspicion that country-specific discounts/making it more expensive for non-nationals amount to “indirect discrimination based on nationality of EU citizens who have used their right to move and reside freely within the Union, and where applicable, their right to receive services, right to free movement of persons and right to free movement of capital under the EU Treaty” as happened in Malta with the two-tier bus fares. Are there any lawyers here?

2016, April 10 - 8:29am

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