First time 2014 - from Australia, advice please

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Submitted by festivaljunkierach on 2013, September 16 - 4:58am

I have a tonne of questions and been doing a tonne of reading. I am from Australia and wanting to go to Tomorrowland 2014 with a friend. I am a bit overwhelmed by what I need to book etc in order to go.

Obviously, flights from Australia, then get from the airport to the grounds. Then entry tickets and somewhere to sleep (relax room would be good). These have their own shower/toilet that is shared one with other people in relax rooms nearby ? We want to book a relax room cabin, do they go on sale before or after entry ticket sales?

For showing ID, is a passport ok or should I use my drivers licence (Australian)?

When the tickets are bought, you get an online ticket that you show or does the bracelet come in the mail? And then you activate it online?

I can't think what else, any advice for a first timer?

2013, September 16 - 5:21am

Also - the camping area is not near the festival itself? And you can only go in and out once a day or something?