European festivals similar to Latitude

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Submitted by cefmac on 2013, July 21 - 1:05pm

I want to go to a festival next summer but I also want to spend some time travelling in Europe, so I was thinking I could try and combine the two by going to a festival abroad. I'm looking for something similar to Latitude, as I'm a laid-back, artsy type who's into folk-rock and indie-pop. What can you recommend? I'm not bothered about what country it's in, just as long as it's not too expensive and has the kind of music which I like.

2013, July 21 - 3:12pm

try soundwaves festival in Croatia - Its on right now (final day today 21stJuly) for 2013 - has a couple of stages a nightclub and boat parties right on the beach.

2013, July 21 - 8:52pm

Ooh, that sounds really cool. I was actually looking into maybe going to Zagreb next summer, so if I did, I could combine the two!