EDC single day tickets 2013

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Submitted by D1993 on 2013, April 2 - 8:00pm

When are EDC single day tickets coming out?

2013, April 3 - 11:31am

For the Las Vegas event Day Tickets will not be available this year, sorry

SOURCE: http://insomniac.com/newsDetails.php?news=317

"Insomniac will hold a special limited pre-sale on November 7 at 12 p.m. Pacific Time, with three-day General Admission tickets available at $199, then $259, and three-day VIP tickets available at $450, until allotments run out. Tickets for EDC Vegas 2013 officially go on sale on January 9, 2013 at 12 p.m. Pacific Time, with pricing to be announced in the coming weeks. A layaway pricing option will again be available during both on-sales, except at the lowest priced ticket tier. Single day tickets will not be available for this three-day experience."

2013, April 4 - 6:14pm

I meant NYC EDC tickets, I have only seen two day tickets, but I only want to go Friday. When are those tickets going to be released?

2013, April 8 - 11:28am

Oh our mistake :-) We can't find anything on the official site yet, so we have emailed the organisers to ask, hopefully if we get a reponse we shall post it on here, however some rumours are suggesting April 18th, although we can't confirm the validity of that.

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