Dreamville Easy Tent upgrade (and other questions)?

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Submitted by linkyndy on 2013, February 11 - 1:53pm


  1. I've read several reviews on Tomorrowland and many mentioned the possibility to "upgrade" the 5-day Easy Tent pass for Dreamville. What does this mean? I'm mostly interested because it could happen that we will be 3 people going there. Should we buy a 2-person tent and then "upgrade" it for all 3 of us to sleep inside it?

  2. If we opt for Easy Tent, our luggage should be kept inside our tent or should be locked in a payable locker?

  3. Does charging the phones cost in those specially designed areas? Also, is there usually a queue?

  4. If it happens that only one person goes to Dreamville, is it possible to buy a 2-person Easy Tent and then share it with whoever AFTER he bought the ticket? (my question actually is whether all persons that want to stay in an Easy Tent should be known from the beginning?)

  5. Is there free WiFi allover Dreamville and the festival ground? Do we have to pay for it?

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2013, February 12 - 4:05pm

-There is no "upgrade" for 3 people for any tent or room in Dreamville. All Dreamville rooms besides the Mansion house 2 people max. Any upgrades would be to a higher level in dreamville (i.e from easy tent up to relax room)

-You'd be best off getting lockers to put your backpack and any items of value in.

-When buying an easy tent you need to provide 2 names and pay for it. Who goes to the easy tent is up to you guys. But they will charge you the cost of 2 people regardless if only 1 is in it.

-No wifi in Dreamville. (At least in previous years, but that would be nice if they did incorporate it this year)

2014, February 12 - 4:09pm

hi, thank you for this helpful answer. but im really concerned about one particular poitn. "Any upgrades would be to a higher level in dreamville (i.e from easy tent up to relax room)", is this information exact? (is there any where on the website where upgrading is mentioned ?) and if i end up wanting to upgrade the tickets when can i do it ?? (on the festival ? or online later on ?)

Thanks again for your help.

2013, February 12 - 7:18pm

Thank you for your answers! However, I didn;t quite understand your third answer: do I need to specify exactly upon purchase the two names which will stay in the Easy Tent, or I just have to reigster one name and pay the whole sum?

2013, February 12 - 7:28pm

Let me 1st say, with a regular Dreamville pass, you can have a tent with as many people as you want. It's up to you to bring the tent though. With an easy tent its 2 at most.

I've never personally purchased an easy tent, but be ready with a 2nd name if you need one. I'd assume they might only ask for 1, but just incase have another name of someone ready to put down. 1 person pays for the entire amount.

2013, February 16 - 11:17am

Hi Does anyone know if the Easy Tent option has anything provided except the tent itself? Cheers, John

2013, February 16 - 1:30pm

It specifies this on the Dreamville site :)

This package includes

Limited edition Tomorrowland tent
DreamVille airbed
Night Light
2014, February 14 - 10:37pm

Did anyone end up getting a package on the 1st of Feburary because I bought a party train package when the global packages went on sale and totally confused if I actually got tickets or not or if it was just securing my spot to get tickets like I paid for it and everything on the tomorrowland website but why are they now saying official global and ticket selling Saturday 15th?

2016, January 19 - 8:01pm

I want to go to tomorrow land with my friend and we are considering getting the easy tent package for two. My questions is does only one of us have to buy the package online? So me or my friend would buy the tickets for tomorrowland and the easy tent in one purchase? Thanks

2016, January 21 - 1:12pm

The easy tent package is one ticket for tent , does this mean , one ticket for 2 persons , so one of you should purchase it not both ! Could any one answer me please , my friend was one of 10 pre registered in his country , and he don't have a visa carte , can i buy the tickets from another country with different ip adress of other country ! And Should i put a postal adresse of that country too for delevering bracelets ?? Any one have an idea ?