Do you think camping by the toilets at a festival is a good or bad idea??

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Submitted by beats88 on 2013, August 30 - 1:27pm

So i've just recently got back from a music festival and we were camping right opposite the toilets. Yes they did get horrondous and people were literally walking past and asking us how we could camp here. But on the plus side...we didn't have far to go to the toilet. Thoughts??

2013, August 30 - 6:37pm

Yeah, would not be my first (or second or third) choice in campsite locations. I guess I'd rather have a short hike to the toilet than have to deal with the smell/ amount of people constantly passing by.

2013, August 31 - 12:02am

Why would anyone want to camp close to the toilets? Lol, Anyways it depends with how close you are to the toilet if it is say at least 20 feet away then that is definitely a good idea but when it is like 5 feet away, not a good idea for obvious reasons. :)

2013, August 31 - 12:42pm

Yea looking back at it, we must of looked pretty strange having a bbq so close to the stinking toilets! Will know for next time not to camp so close, forget how reasonably ok the toilets are on day 1!

2013, September 1 - 4:25pm

I wouldn't want to do it, if only for sanitary reasons. On the first day it won't be so bad, but by the end of the festival when the toilets are smelly, things are leaking everywhere, and are just generally disgusting I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that!