Cheapest European festival

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Submitted by ChristosR on 2013, July 15 - 11:38am

Can some of you suggest some cheap European festivals? I'm kinda short on cash so i'm looking for a cheap solution.

2013, July 15 - 11:44am

Where are you from Christos? I can find you some really cheap festivals here in Portugal, but if you are away it can become expensive for you.

2013, July 15 - 4:50pm

What kind of festivals are you looking for? Usually smaller festivals are a lot cheaper (but not any worse!). I would suggest to look for small festivals in your local area, so that you don't have to pay for camping/accommodation. You will be able to find tickets for £20-£30.

Hope that helps!

2013, July 21 - 8:06am

There`s a nice festival called Rock the City in Bucharest and prices range between £20-£50. You can see some awesome bands like Rammstein, Bullet for my Valentine etc. I have bought tickets for this festival, it`s the second year I`m going. Accomodation and transportation are also cheap.

2013, July 21 - 3:44pm

If you mean music festivals, there are loads that are free. I'm in the Netherlands but lately there have been quite a few big festivals for free including North Sea Jazz, Park Pop and Werfpop.

There's Westerpop 2013 coming up the 30th and 31st of August that I'll be going to, it's got 2 stages and about 10 bands. It's also free and literally right next to the train station.

Otherwise coming up soon (2-4 August) theres Horst Festival in Germany, a punk rock festival and costs 18EU for the full festival. I won't be there but I would like to.

I suggest using for finding festivals near by.

2013, July 21 - 6:56pm

If you're in England theres tonnes of cheap weekend festivals. Evolution in newcastle always has a decent line up and is cheap! thirty pounds or so for the weekend.

2013, July 23 - 11:37pm

Your name sounds Greek, in that case neighbouring Serbia would be a perfect match for you. If you are not Greek then still Serbia could be an option but it would cost you more depending on how far is the country of your origin.