Canada to Tomorrowland

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Submitted by jade7788 on 2013, January 9 - 12:52pm

Hello. Recently my friends and I decided that we need to cross Tomorrowland off of our bucket list. So 2 questions. One I am from Canada and am looking to get the whole 3 day pass and VIP Camping experience. How much money do you recommend that I put aside? Also when do these tickets go on sale? Will it be easy for me to purchase these tickets even though I am in Canada?

Please advise. Thanks!

2013, January 9 - 12:55pm

Hello Jade

1) 2012 ticket prices can be found on the wiki here:

2) Organisers have stated that 2013 tickets will go on sale in the first quarter

3) Tickets are purchased online all around the world, you shall be fine :-)

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals