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Submitted by Neetu on 2013, January 9 - 11:56am

Hey there! how much am I looking at roughly if I want the travel package? I live in Edmonton Alberta :] and what are the chances of getting a ticket?

2013, January 9 - 12:00pm

Hello Neetu,

In 2012 there were no travel packages from Canada, 2013 information has not been released yet so we can't confirm whether there will or will not be travel packages from Canada.

If this is still the case, you can either purchase the travel package from USA and make your own way down there OR you can purchase a your general ticket and camping pass and then fly from Canada to Belgium.

There is some further travel advice on the wiki here:

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 11 - 5:33am

my friends and I were planning on flying to New York to make things easier; when tickets go on sale I will most likely be buying four tickets for 4 people , will I need to use there information or can I just but all 4 under my name ? Thank you for replying !