Can I get a refund on my Tomorrowland tickets if I can't go?

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Submitted by SWAGMASTA on 2013, January 24 - 1:24pm

Hell guys!! have a quick question. If i buy two global travel packages and last minute, I can't make it(military), can they be refunded?

2013, January 24 - 1:25pm

Here's the answer from the official website:

The online exchange desk will be available from the beginning of May. ( You can register yourself if you no longer wish to use your ticket(s) and would like to resell these. The sale/exchange of your ticket depends on the demand for your type of ticket(s). When we have found a person who is willing to buy your ticket(s), your money will be transferred to your bank account that you have used for the ticket purchase. Before we accept the tickets to the exchange desk we verify the validity of the ticket.

2013, July 1 - 12:33pm

It is not possible to register myself anymore, I have had knee surgery in March 22 and my knee is not up for it unfortunately... I am willing to give this to my friend so that there is not a stranger staying with my friends in the tents provided. What happens with thr train tickets from the UK and the ticket arrangements?