buying Tomorrowland tickets, from eg eBay

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Submitted by tompg on 2013, March 12 - 8:52pm


i missed out on tomorrowland tickets :( i still really want to go though. i may even be willing to pay the ridiculous prices, i hate to say it but yolo. so i was wondering if there are any catches, like that the tickets have been personalized so i cant use them when i turn up in boom.

is there anything else i need to know about buying tickets through a privat seller?

thanks guys :)

2013, March 14 - 1:57pm

Hello tompg.

In early May the festival will be launching their own resale site, where tickets will be resold at face value.

We'd advise waiting till then, because any tickets sold on sites like eBay will have the original buyers name accredited to them, something you are not to edit.

Anything else we can help with?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, March 14 - 4:18pm

Hi, thanks for the reply! will these resale tickets be availible over the official tomorrowland homepage? what is the reason for the resale? is it because people have cancelled?

thanks heaps :D

2013, March 15 - 2:36pm

No worries it's what we are here for :-)

Yes the resale site will be available either on or via a link on the official homepage, It will be for people who decide for whatever reason that they cant go any longer and would like to sell their ticket.

It will be safe and secure, because the tickets will be rereleased for you to buy and have your name on, as the festival currently does not allow name changes unless tickets are resold through the resale site.

Has that made things a bit clearer?

2013, March 16 - 7:45pm

crystal clear :)

thanks heaps

2013, April 11 - 3:40am

Thank you so much for replying to this post. I am finally at ease. I have been searching for tickets on Ebay and on Amazon only to find nothing. Also, reading what you have stated about the original buyers name is accredited to the ticket already, would not have done me any good had I purchased them from either of these sites. Again, thanks for the heads up.

2013, April 11 - 6:49pm

It is really nice to know that some of these events are launching their own ticket sites. Because resale prices are just way too expensive. Here most of the tickets are expensive to begin with, so the resale prices are very outrageous. Glad to see that you guys are keeping up on the information. thank you so much.

2013, April 15 - 2:18pm

Many thanks :-D

We hope that more and more festivals adopt this way of selling tickets, its makes us said when "legal" touters on eBay make profits out of people's desperation and eagerness to attend a festival and support music :-(

Team Wikifestivals

2013, July 7 - 11:53am

Hey if you still want to buy tickets let me know I'm selling "Dreamville Easy tent + 2x Full madness passes" and " One Magical Friday Pass"

And yes I have the tickets and my name is still not registered simply because the registration process has yet to begin in which they entitle the ticket to your name :)))) so lucky you. Anyhow contact me if you're serious about buying.

just search for me on facebook/shayanzaeem and inbox me


2015, February 17 - 11:19pm

Hi, my brother and I bought tickets for Global journey. But he has since gotten back with his girlfriend and is now refusing to go. I don't want to sell them, but any just sell one. Because they are global journey it's really hard just to resale, but I can change the names on the tickets for a fee of €300 on the TML page. It will all be done properly. I will only sell them as a pair and they were £968.50 each. I will pay half the transfer fee for the pair which I think is €300 a ticket. If you are still interested, reply to this message or message me on fb and we can talk more privately and arrange how to do this. It was literally the best week of my life last year and I am so gutted he won't go with me now Thank you Will Gay

2015, June 15 - 12:24am

I do you still have a ticket for Tomorrowland 2015 in Boom? Thanks