Buying tomorowland tickets from someone

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Submitted by deharrington on 2013, February 13 - 7:38pm

Hi I'm buying 4 day passes off someone what do i need to get off them in order to guarentee i get in i know that the tickets all individual to every person so they know to activate the wristbands under me and my friends names . Hes going to give me a photocopy of the proof of purchase also?? what else should i get

2013, February 14 - 11:58am

Hello deharrington

Please refer to this information we spotted on the official website:

Can I change the name on the ticket? Name changes are not possible. Tickets are final! However, small spelling mistakes should not cause any problems. You can only use the Exchange Desk to sell your ticket, which will no longer be used by you (= name change).

Can I resell my ticket? You can only sell your ticket if other people are still looking for your type of ticket. From May you can register your tickets at the online Exchange desk, if you want to resell them. If someone is interested in buying your tickets (people who register for the waiting list), we will refund the cost of the ticket to your bank account. If there is no demand for your ticket, you won’t get your money back.