Buy tickets for Tomorrowland 2014

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Submitted by Edward Mellett on 2013, June 13 - 12:28pm

I missed out on tickets to Tomorrowland 2013 when they were released for sale earlier this year. I just wasn't quick enough when it came to making a purchase. So, I've given up on attending this summer but have my heart set on going to Tomorrowland 2014 instead!

I know the organisers of Tomorrowland don't officially release tickets for sale until a few months before the festival takes place but I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I could pre-order or reserve a ticket for next year's show.

Price is not too much of a concern (I'd happily pay a bit more if it meant I can definitely get a ticket). I'm also happy to pay extra for a coach package or fancy hotel or boutique camping package. I'm open to all suggestions. I just really want to go to Tomorrowland in 2014!

Can anyone help me with some recommendations for my quest to get to Tomorrowland 2014?!

2014, March 5 - 1:00am

Looking for someone to share a Global Journey Package from London Heathrow(party flight) 16/07-22/07(`1st week), 6nights at Ramada Wuluwe(4star). If you're interested, send me a message on Facebook(ziliang.wan.9). Tickets bought.

2014, July 14 - 7:32pm

2 days ago tomorrowland sent me a offer to buy some tickets if any one is interesting I can share this oportunity...I am in Liverpool right now, this weekend I travel to Belgium, You can contact me: eduardorjs66(a)gmail(dot)com the package includes: Package includes: - Access to DreamVille during 5 days - Access to a 2 persons Relax Room - Access to the Gathering - 2x Regular access to Tomorrowland during 3 days the cost is 1425 euros (725 per person) I need to find someone who wants to get the other ticket, I will use the other. eduardorjs66(a)gmail(dot)com

2014, July 17 - 4:21pm

I have 1 spot left on an Exclusive Table for Weekend 2. You get full access as well as drinks and food.
Let me know if you want it.

2014, July 17 - 4:31pm

I have 1 spot left on an Exclusive VIP Table for Weekend 2. Its for the 3 days, 25th to 27th July. This is the VIP package, so you get all access as well as drinks and food. i already have 9 people in the group looking for the 10th person. Get in touch asap!

2014, July 17 - 4:34pm

Exclusive VIP table ticket for 1 person is Eur 1800. m_senanu(a)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk