Best way to TomorrowLand 2014 from Hawaii

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Submitted by JerricArceo on 2013, July 29 - 8:31pm

What is the best way to go to TomorrowLand 2014 from Hawaii? Will TomorrowLand have a package for flight/transportation for Hawaii people?

2013, July 30 - 5:43pm

We predict they will release travel package information towards the end of this year or the very beginning of 2014.

We don't remember packages being available from Hawaii in 2013 BUT the locations they fly from differ year to year, if not we're sure there will be somewhere close you can catch a connecting flight from.

Keep an eye on their Facebook and sign up to our newsletter as we will notify our readers as soon as we get news.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, July 30 - 6:15pm

Thank you! Please let me know! :)